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Jamie's Something Special Memorial Fund has been set up to honour Jamie Heaton. The memorial fund takes it's name from Jamies favourite TV show "Something Special". Our aim is to raise £50,000 to buy brand new play equipment in Bullcote Park, Heyside, where Jamie took his first steps. After we have raised the money needed for the new play equipment we will continue raising money for children with special needs like Jamie who was on the autistic spectrum.

We hope you can make a donation big or small, every penny counts towards our target. 

Friends of Jamie's Something Special

We often need help to acheive our goals here at Jamie's Something Special, and we have made friends with a few local businesses who have been happy to help us out with their time or services. To thank them we would like to ask our supporters to think of them next time they may need to get a job done. So please take a look at our Friends Directory you might just find what your looking for.

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